Response to Reelz TV Show - Part 1 by Tom Grant

ReelzChannel "Autopsy"
Cable TV Episode Broadcast on February 18, 2017
With Dr. Michael Hunter - Regarding the death of Kurt Cobain

Response by Tom Grant
(Part 1 of 2)

I've watched a few of these ReelzChannel "Autopsy" episodes that featured other - usually famous - victims. I was extremely familiar with some of those cases and from what I observed, the innacuracy of the information put out by the show's writers and producers can only be described as terribly irresponsible.

These are very common script writing formulas that are used here. The goal is to make the show interesting, teasing the viewer into thinking the Doctor is going in one direction - then turning on a dime to head in the opposite direction. This formula adds a sense of intensity as the show plays out, deliberately leading the viewer to a conclusion that is often somewhat of a surprise.

I felt a bit sorry for Dr. Hunter as I watched him sacrifice his professionalism and medical integrity simply for the sake of a little face-time on television.

In offering my initial response to this poorly researched and scripted show, my overall opinion about this ReelzChannel "Autopsy" production is best summed up by way of this video introduction.

Let's begin with the hype about Dr. Michael Hunter's professional experience and compare it to the experience of Dr. Cyril Wecht, the expert forensic pathologist who was interviewed in Benjamin Staler's film, "Soaked In Bleach."

So Dr. Michael Hunter has performed over 4,000 autopsies! Not bad for a doctor his age.

But the much more seasoned and experienced Dr. Cyril Wecht has personally performed over 18,000 autopsies and has supervised and signed off on over 38,000 autopsies! That is precisely why Dr. Wecht is called on, (several times a year for as long as I can remember), by every major television network such as ABC, NBC, and CBS and nearly every real crime show or crime documentary series, on cable television.

So which expert should we turn to here? The least experienced forensic pathologist, or the world renown forensic pathologist with 4 to 10 times the experience of The ReelzChannel's shill, Dr. Michael Hunter?

Now before I go any further, I want to fulfill my online commitment to our supporters
that I would begin my response to this ReelzChannel episode by demonstrating how Dr. Hunter and the ReelzChannel team actually PROVED KURT COBAIN HAD TO HAVE BEEN MURDERED, while at the same time CONCLUDING that he "committed suicide!"

Let's have a closer look at this "PROOF."

First, listen as Detective Mike Ciesynski, Seattle Police Department's cold case detective AGREED in 2014 that the dosage injected into Cobain's arm(s) was a FATAL dose.


According to Dr. Hunter and the ReelzChannel team, the amount of heroin injected into Kurt would have KILLED HIM, - within just 1 minute after that final injection!

So now both Seattle's cold case Detective Ciesynski and Dr. Hunter with his ReelzChannel production crew have concluded this was a fatal dose of heroin.

The heroin was injected directly into Kurt's vein near the elbow of his arm, and, according to Dr. Hunter and his team, "Kurt would have been dead within 1 MINUTE after the final injection!"

Actually, TWO fresh needle marks were found on Kurt, one on each arm. But for the purpose of proving murder from the work done by the ReelzChannel team, the two fresh needle marks are irrelevant. Their conclusion that it was the "final" dose that would have killed him is sufficient here. I've addressed two injection sites elsewhere.

From our latest book, The Mysterious Death of Kurt Cobain:

Heroin is a drug that, when taken intravenously, produces an intense euphoric sensation in the user popularly known as "the Rush." This rush typically begins within seconds of the injection and can last from two to five minutes.

As the rush wears off, this feeling of euphoria gradually tapers down and turns into a prolonged experience of dreamlike serenity where the user feels fully detached from the conditions of the outer world. This stage is often referred to as "the Nod" and it can last for several hours.

It is most unusual for a person, especially an addict, to inject himself with heroin just prior to committing a violent act of suicide. Addicts who commit suicide virtually always do so during the withdrawal stage after they have experienced the high, but not before it has had a chance to begin.

Remember, the goal of injecting heroin is to experience this rush; that is the very experience to which addicts like Kurt Cobain are so very addicted. How many heroin addicts are capable of denying themselves the rush just before it begins?

So how and why would anyone take a EUPHORIC drug like heroin
and then shoot himself before the drug can even take effect?


All that wasted time filled with the same old media misinformation we've seen for the past 23 years, just to have Dr. Michael Hunter and his crew accidentally prove Kurt Cobain was murdered!

How can that be? Weren't these producers, writers, or even Dr. Hunter paying attention? Did any or these people watch the final cut before airing this episode?

Apparently Dr. Hunter did not consider that with a heroin overdose, it takes the human body more than 1 minute to die, even after the lungs, heart and brain begin to lose function.

However, as I've said since 1994, with such a high dosage it is obvious that Kurt Cobain, at the very least, would have been IMMEDIATELY INCAPACITATED (become unconscious), and unable to do anything.

So after that final deadly injection, how did Kurt:

1. Roll his sleeves down...
2. Place the caps back on the needles...
3. Put the drug paraphernalia back in the kit box...
4. Push it away from his body...
5. Pick up the shotgun...
6. Position it in his mouth, then...
7. Pull the trigger?

The truth is, he didn't.

Someone else did.