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Kurt Cobain's Murder Investigation


Kurt Cobain left a drug rehab center in Marina Del Rey California on April 1, 1994 and was later reported missing. As you probably know, he was found dead just seven days later.

My name is Tom Grant. I am a former detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and private investigator.

On April 3, 1994, while conducting business as a California State licensed private investigator, I was hired by Courtney Love - who was in Los Angeles at the time - to locate her husband after he left a drug rehab center in Marina Del Rey, California.

Ms. Love stayed in Los Angeles while I flew to Seattle to search for Cobain with his best friend Dylan Carlson. In fact, Carlson and I had been in the Cobain residence the night before Kurt's body was discovered in the room above the garage.

The police immediately concluded "suicide." I wasn't so sure. Neither was Rosemary Carroll, Courtney Love's own entertainment attorney. Ms. Carroll was also a close friend to both Courtney and Kurt. We both knew something was terribly wrong here.

After several months of intensive investigation, including dozens of taped interviews with Cobain's closest friends and family members, I reached the conclusion that Courtney Love and Michael Dewitt, (the male nanny who lived at the Cobain residence), were involved in a conspiracy that resulted in the murder of Kurt Cobain.

It appears this was not the first attempt on Cobain's life by Courtney Love, however, it was obviously the first to succeed.

In December of 1994, I began speaking publicly about the suspicious circumstances surrounding Cobain's death.

Facing the potential consequences of exposure, Courtney Love, her wealthy and powerful friends, her attorney's and the symbiotic "rock press" have engaged in an effort to keep the public from learning the true facts about Kurt's death.

These are people who are motivated by profit rather than truth. Courtney's attorneys have consistently threatened those in various media outlets with "potential lawsuits" if these journalists were to give me a platform from which to discuss my investigation of the Cobain Case.

As I predicted when I first began telling the public about the details of my investigation more than 21 years ago, no legal, criminal or civil, action has ever been taken against myself or anyone in the media who has covered this story.

In spite of the hot air they've been blowing all these years, this investigation has received coverage in hundreds of major newspapers, magazines, television and radio talk shows around the globe.

The pathetic cowards of this world can only blow smoke. Once they've been exposed, they run and hide

The events surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain are filled with lies, contradictions in logic, and countless inconsistencies.